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AutoTrac - delivering high quality, affordably priced products and services in Fairfax, South Dakota for the past 15 years.

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AutoTrac (the name is a contraction of AUTOmobile and TRACtor) opened for business in 2000 to service and maintain cars, trucks and agriculture equipment in Fairfax, and for the surrounding farms and ranches.

 AutoTrac has remade itself several time over the years, including the purchase of Topps Manufacturing of Platte, SD in December of 2009. Today, AutoTrac's business is in three main areas:

AutoTrac, Inc.

502 Turney Avenue
Fairfax, SD 57335
Telephone: (605) 654-9056
Fax: (605) 654-2074
Toll-free: (888) 310-1265
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